Obsolescence Kits for HSM, HSL, HBM, HBL and other H-series flow-wrappers


The H-family of flow-wrappers includes several submodels, for example the HSM, HSL, HSF, HBM, HBL, HBS. Until about 10 years ago, these machines were manufactured with a controls architecture based on PMAC motion controllers and IRT servo drives. Obtaining spares or repairing these components becomes increasingly difficult. To upgrade these older machines, Bosch has developed five distinct obsolescence kits:

Kit 36: Replaces the obsolete IRT drives and motors with new Indradrives and motors

Kit 37: Replaces the obsolete GS-family HMI with a new XVS-MC2 HMI

Kit 42: Replaces the obsolete PMAC architecture with a new ControlLogix architecture

Kit 44: Firmware upgrade of the old PMAC controller (not recommended for all applications)

CLX Controls Upgrade Light: Replaces PMAC with ControlLogix, original IRT drives and BAG motors remain

The Bosch recommended option is to install Kits 36, 37 and 42 at the same time.

Another option is to install Kits 37 and 42 at the same time.

In specific situations, kits can be installed individually, but this often comes with downsides in the long run. (Some components of these kits and their interface have to be revisited when another kit is installed later, leading to higher overall cost.)



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