Innovative ultrasonic cutting technology from Bosch

ultrasonic cutting technology

The new ultrasonic cross cutting system is developed for products difficult to cut. The product strands are cross cutted into individual bars using ultrasonic technology. The new technology exposes the products to minimal stress and pressure, reducing product quality affection to a minimum. Due to the fast micro oscillation clear and sharp edges as well as plain surfaces are achieved. This further enhances the product quality. The system is particularly developed for difficult cutting applications of sensitive, sticky, laminated or layered products.


By using the ultrasonic knife the product does not stick at the blade. The results are visually pleasant products, low cleaning efforts and minimal waste, raising productivity. The hygienic and open design of the machine allows easy access to all components in contact with the product. The cleaning and inspection time before and after production is kept to a minimum.



Due to the universal design of the cross cutting machine, it is easy to retrofit existing WRQ cutting systems with an ultrasonic blade (80 cuts/min). Also the exchange from ultrasonic back to conventional blade (up to 300 cuts/min) is possible at every time. The speed of the independent feeding and discharge conveyor is infinitely adjustable within their speed range. This is required to control distances between the products, enabling for an easier enrobing or packaging.


The bar length is adjustable withing the range of 20 to 200 mm. The standard cutting height maximum is 30 mm, working width is available within the standard range between 400 and 2.000 mm.


Peter Dreßler
Manager Sales and Marketing Bar Production Technology
phone: +49 2162 248 476

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