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Innovation Awards 2012

Martin Vogt, Iulian Maga and Werner Runft won one of five “Bosch Innovation Awards” for x-ray-based inspection technology for capsules. At the leadership forum of the Bosch Group in Stuttgart in December 2012, they received the prize by Bosch-boss Volkmar Denner.


The team participated within the category “Products & Technologies” with the product “KKX: Inspection section for pharmaceutical capsules“. The innovation allows an insight at high speed. X-rays scan filled hard capsules at high speed: Up to 220 000 capsules can be checked per hour. Simultaneously, the inspection unit checks all quality features like weight, foreign particles, deformation of capsule top and bottom, as well as length. Capsules that are not in line with desired requirements are discharged individually.


Innovation Awards 2012

Volkmar Denner, CEO Robert Bosch GmbH, after handing over the award to Iulian Maga, Werner Runft, Martin Vogt (from left to right)


Stefan König, member of the board of management of Bosch Packaging Technology, said, “Congratulations to the whole team for the excellent performance. It is foremost your personal award, which you can be proud of. Please take this prize as motivation to take this inspection technology innovation – and others to come – forward into the market and make it a great success.”


The modular and self-controlled inspection unit is compatible with existing capsule filling machines and is proof to many environmental factors such as vibrations, airstreams, and humidity. For the first time, KKX was presented to the public at Achema 2012 trade show. It met all the jury’s preconditions: high customer benefit, high business profit for Bosch, and good prospects for an early market entrance.




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