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Save 7 hours of your production time


Korovka, the Russian equivalent to English fudge, can now be made without interim storage on the Bosch Contiline. Continuous production ensures consistently high product quality, reduced production time and lower costs. …more

Bosch grows globally with Ampack


In 2012 Bosch Packaging Technology acquired Ampack GmbH, a German company specializing in the production of packaging machines for filling liquid and viscous dairy products, clinical nutrition and baby food as well as soups and juices into pre-made cups and bottles. …more

Strong growth of unit dose packaging predicted

unit dose packaging

Stick packs and sachets are increasingly popular pack styles in the pharmaceutical industry. They belong to the unit dose category of packaging, defined by its ability to be opened and consumed in one go. …more

Bosch opens new facility in Egypt


Bosch Packaging Technology has announced the opening of a new sales and service office in Cairo, Egypt. With an increasing population of over 80 million, Egypt is experiencing tremendous growth in the food, confectionery, and pharmaceutical industries. …more

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