Fachpack: High product quality with integrated coffee packaging technology


Coffee beans, ground or instant coffee – the choice is yours. We offer a fully-integrated coffee packaging solution that protects the sensitive and expensive good from the filling process until consumption.


The world loves coffee
The coffee industry has a rich and dynamic history. The reasons for drinking coffee vary from one person to another. Nevertheless, most coffee lovers can agree on one single reason: the bean’s unique aroma. This flavor developes during the roasting process. In order to preserve this bouquet of flavors and enable coffee drinkers to enjoy the authentic, rich taste wherever they are in the world, manufacturers use the highly advanced packaging technology from Bosch.


Fully-integrated coffee packaging solution protects coffee aroma
Bosch Packaging Technology can look back on a very long tradition of coffee packaging. Over 100 years ago, it was the company Hesser, who initiated the development of fully automated coffee packaging solutions. This in-depth knowledge in coffee served as a foundation for the most recent coffee packaging solution. During the development process, our main focus was on product protection as well as the preservation of the unique aroma. A precise, product saving and efficient filling process plays an important role. In order to guarantee product protection from filling to transportation, the modular vertical form, fill and seal machine PME 4001 for high-quality bags was chosen as the core of the integrated packaging line. The bags are filled with an inert gas flush through the FVS auger filler. This auger filler’s high filling precision, low residual oxygen rates, and gentle product handling result in low product rejects and waste. A valve applicator CVA 2000 VIS ensures reliable and accurate application of inside aroma protection valves, which upholds the coffee quality for consumer satisfaction. The integrated coffee packaging platform also includes the high-precision KWI 6000 checkweigher to measure pack weight and to adjust over- and underfilling of the product by tendency-regulation with the auger filler.


Coffee – a sophisticated product
Coffee is a sensitive product. Besides the preservation of its flavor, its texture must be ensured from the beginning of the packaging process until transportation as well. The integrated Bosch coffee packaging line was designed especially for this purpose. Its individual components can perform the filling process with the necessary care and ensure that nothing of the precious product is wasted.  Furthermore, this fully-integrated coffee packaging solution offers a flexibility that presents an answer for the rapidly changing market requirements. Bags in various sizes and shapes can be run on the machine. Hence, our customers only have to know what kind of coffee they want to package – we take care of the rest.


Apropos: The fully-integrated coffee packaging solution will be on display at this year’s Fachpack.
Fachpack, Nuremberg, Deutschland
September 24 – 26, 2013
Messezentrum Nürnberg; Hall 4A, Booth N° 305


Marcus Velezmoro
Tel: +49(711)811- 57850

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