Innovative packaging meets hygienic filling


During an inhouse show Bosch Packaging Technology demonstrated its innovative spirit with the SurePOUCH program: a new packaging design combined with the know-how in hygienic filling of liquid and dry products on a vertical form, fill and seal machine.


SurePOUCH week in Waiblingen
In October, it was all about SurePOUCH at Bosch Packaging Technology in Waiblingen. During a one-week event, a unique packaging concept was presented at an inhouse show. The visitors had the opportunity to experience the machines live which produced two different pouch styles. This innovative packaging design provides the required protection of sensitive products to avoid premature spoilage and simultaneously attracts consumer’s attention due to its innovative style. The new concept enables the packaging of liquid, viscous, and dry food into flexible pouches fitted with a new concept of screw cap closure, the cutting spout. Furthermore, special attention lies on the filling process which is executed on a vertical form, fill and seal machine in various hygienic levels.


Product protection, sustainability and efficient packaging
Food processing is the most resource-intensive step in the value chain, so product protection and shelf life extension are decisive factors in order to save environmental resources. SurePOUCH offers a tamper-proof and reclosable spout that is sealed to the outside of the packaging by ultrasound. The packaging integrity is kept until opening the spout. Product protection is guaranteed up to the moment of consumption. Furthermore, the product is fully protected against oxygen permeating through the polyethylene spout. The flexible laminated films that are used for SurePOUCH packages are significantly lighter than cans, paperboard or metal containers. Hence, production as well as transportation costs can be saved. After usage, the empty package can be easily collapsed, ensuring disposal in a space-saving manner.


Our customers were impressed by the bags’ stability as well as their innovative design. ”The positive feedback of our customers shows us the great potential of this packaging design,” says Santy Witarsa, head of sales Liquid Food, Waiblingen. “The packaging of liquid, viscous and dry products in reclosable and vertically produced pouches is challenging. Thanks to our technical expertise we were able overcome these challenges and produce packaging in accustomed Bosch quality. “


Santy Witarsa, Head of Sales, Liquid Food
Phone: +49(711)811-57477

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