Ampack invests in cutting-edge technical centre at Königsbrunn site


Covering an area of 290 square meters, construction of the new technical centre at the Königsbrunn site started at the beginning of 2014.
Based in Koenigsbrunn, Ampack GmbH a subsidiary of Bosch Packaging Technology, designs and produces filling machines for pre-made cups and bottles and delivers primarily to the dairy industry. Alongside an experimental laboratory, the new technical centre will feature a lab for bacteriological and chemo-physical analyses as well as all the necessary store rooms and conference rooms, allowing researchers to design and configure filling systems so that products can be tested under realistic conditions and robust data can be obtained. This gives Ampack the capacity to conduct filling tests either in advance or once a contract is awarded, while testing of the necessary microbiological samples obtained from system validations can be carried out in its experimental laboratory. The benefits of this are as follows:


  1. Testing using original products
    Using original products in testing makes it quick and efficient to set up the filling system and develop suitable measures to ensure products being filled as specified in the contract. Ampack also offers advance testing so that contracts can be more clearly defined and bids better tailored to requirements.
  1. Mechanical testing
    Mechanical testing gives an insight into how components wear and what mechanical loads they experience. This allows critical parameters to be tested in advance so that when it comes to actual manufacture it is possible to have the best possible parts to work with.
  1. Analysis of bacteriological samples for commissioning and validation
    Thanks to the equipment in the technical centre it is now possible to analyze validation samples independently. Test stands dedicated to handling packaging materials facilitate improvements both in existing systems and new developments.
  1. Testing of new developments
    Testing new developments provides the opportunity to try them out on the test stand and consider the filling technology, process technology, and engineering. This saves time – and therefore money – in the design and production process.

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