Hygienic packaging to fulfill hygiene standards for high product quality

With consumers and manufacturers placing an increased emphasis on food safety, Bosch Packaging Technology will launch several technological advancements at Interpack 2014 designed to meet global hygiene standards and ensure product quality.


Hygienic powder packaging for fast cleaning and changeovers
Bosch is debuting the FVS auger filler and the SVC 2620, a state-of-the-art vertical bagger, which is the latest addition to its new SVC platform. Both are designed for enhanced cleanability, versatility and ease of use. As all product-contact parts are easily accessible, cleaning and therefore product changeovers can be done quickly, reducing the risk of cross contamination. This is important if products such as milk powder, infant nutrition, gluten and gluten-free flour are packaged on the same machine. To facilitate wet wipe-down cleaning, the FVS features stainless steel construction and completely welded seams, while an integrated dropping channel and cross-feed auger ensure precision and product protection.


Additionally, the SVC platform is now available with ultrasonic sealing technology, which can be applied to all Bosch vertical baggers. In particular, the SVC 4020 will be displayed with this sealing method, which is ideal for products such as powder, fresh and frozen food products. By using high frequency vibrations product residues are removed from the sealing area ensuring packaging integrity.


High filling accuracy and enhanced cleanability for liquid sachet filling

Bosch will also introduce its high-speed Sigpack RN vertical sachet machine for liquid applications distinguished by its cleaning function. Ideal for four-side-seal sachets for the food, pharmaceutical, healthcare and cosmetics industries, the machine is capable of producing 1,000 packs per minute and ensures hermetic sealing. With high filling accuracy on up to eight lanes, the Sigpack RN occupies a smaller footprint and reduces maintenance.


Bosch applied its knowledge from the pharmaceutical sector and the standard machine now features the clean-out-of-place (COP) function, with parts designed for easy disassembly and cleaning. An optional clean-in-place (CIP) function allows for automatic and simplified wash down without machine disassembly. Both functions ensure thorough sanitation of product-contact parts.


Air-tight seals

Debuting in Europe, the inverted horizontal flow wrapper Pack 301 ID is ideal for packaging soft, sticky, flexible or difficult-to-handle products that require hermetic sealing for a broad format range. These include products needing MAP (modified atmosphere packaging), like fresh food, cheese, coffee, or products that are packaged in thicker film, like most medical goods.


Enabling high pack integrity for extended product shelf life and safety, the long dwell system of the Pack 301 ID allows for sealing times of up to one second. To ensure air-tight packages during ramp up and down periods, the Pack 301 ID provides a constant seal time independent of the machine’s speed. The hygienic and open design facilitates fast cleaning and easy operation.


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Martin Tanner
Director business development and marketing, product division confectionery and food
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