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Seamless Systems

At Interpack 2014, Bosch Packaging Technology will present its systems competence. This will include its two innovative Seamless Systems for biscuit and bar packaging, which enable manufacturers to achieve highest productivity and shortest changeovers while maximizing overall equipment effectiveness. Bosch will also display two complete Module++ lines, which bring unlimited possibilities of linking standard modules to create flexible processing and packaging solutions that fit. For manufacturers taking their first step with automation or bringing automation to the next level, Module++ allows for easy upgrades. Throughout the show, we will highlight our global consultation services to help manufacturers choose the ideal solution for their individual requirements.


Seamless Systems for high productivity

We will launch our new biscuit packaging line, designed for high productivity and pack style flexibility with fast changeovers. The innovative system, the world’s first of its kind,  allows manufacturers to change from slug to pile and vice-versa within just a few minutes – on the very same machine. In addition, count changes (for example, from 14 to 8 biscuits per slug or from two-by-two to two-by-four piles) in less than one minute allow brand owners to quickly run special promotions.


Capable of handling various types and shapes of biscuits, the biscuit packaging system features breakthrough product handling technology, horizontal flow wrapping, secondary packaging and end-of-line equipment to let manufacturers meet future market needs today.


In addition, Bosch will present its bar line, the Seamless System designed specifically for high-speed bar-type product packaging, from primary to secondary to end-of-line technologies. First launched at Interpack 2011, the bar line has been upgraded to now handle speeds up to 1,500 products per minute.


Module++ for versatile end-to-end solutions

For all manufacturers, Module++ provides unlimited possibilities of linking Bosch’s proven standard modules to create adaptable and scalable end-to-end solutions. Offering the ultimate in format and pack style versatility, Bosch’s Module++ lines empower manufacturers by giving them the ability to adapt to change and shape their evolving businesses.


At Interpack, we will showcase our Module++ capabilities from processing technology through to end-of-line packaging. These include modules for bar production, gentle product handling, distribution and feeding, as well as horizontal flow wrappers, vertical baggers, cartoners and case packers.


To create each line, we draw from our combined local support and global knowledge network. Also, all machines are available as stand-alone modules designed for simple integration with existing Bosch technology. Live presentations of Module++ will occur daily at 12:00, 15:00 and 17:00, while presentation of the Seamless Systems will take place daily at 11:00, 14:00 and 16:00.


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