Change your pack style in less than three minutes with the world’s most flexible biscuit packaging system

Biscuit Line

Bosch Packaging Systems AG, a company of Bosch Packaging Technology, unveiled its innovative biscuit packaging line, the first complete system capable of fast slug to pile changeovers and vice versa. The Two-in-One system also features the quickest product count changes currently available in the market and occupies a smaller footprint than separate conventional machines for packaging both formats.


Meyrick Long, Area Sales Manager at Bosch Packaging Systems remarks that “We’ve had very enthusiastic feedback from customers. They all see applications for this technology in their factories and are keen to test the system’s suitability.”


Flexibility from primary through end of line packaging
By using the same state of the art feeding components, fully reproducible changeovers between both pile and slug packs can be completed in less than three minutes without changing parts. In addition, count changes can be realized in less than one minute, letting manufacturers quickly run special promotions with maximum uptime. The dual line infeed gently feeds the innovative horizontal flow wrapper Sigpack HCA at speeds of up to 2,400 biscuits per minute while the innovative wrapper packages up to 500 packs per minute by using best in class heat sealing technology.


Complementing primary packaging, the new case packer Sigpack TTMC can be adjusted quickly and easily to the required format and product configuration with vertical start-up. The case packer is able to run at high feeding rate and products can be supplied flat or on edge and offer high layout flexibility. Products can be packaged into RSC or HSC cases (regular and half slotted containers) with retail-ready functionality.


Seamless System
From distribution to end of line packaging, the entire line has been holistically designed as one seamless system. To facilitate high OEE, the speed of all line components is balanced to eliminate bottlenecks, minimize downtime and optimize production flow.


Bosch Packaging Systems is conducting customer field tests, and the first system will be delivered by mid-2015. Five patent applications were filed, including for the infeed, amplified heat sealing flow wrapping, and case packing technologies.




Daniel Bossel
Product Manager
phone: +41 58 674-7311

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