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For European manufacturers requiring hermetic sealing for products that are difficult to handle on a traditional upright flow wrapper, Bosch Packaging Technology launched the Pack 301 ID (Inverted Dwell) horizontal flow wrapper at Interpack 2014. Products like fresh produce, meat and cheese are particularly suitable to be packaged on the Pack 301 ID, which is also available in combination with Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP).


“As consumer focus on product safety intensifies, technologies like the Pack 301 ID for hermetic sealing are in demand,” said Leon Arkesteijn, product manager, Bosch Packaging Technology. “The machine’s longer sealing time coupled with TCO-enhancing benefits and operator-friendly features meet manufacturers’ needs for efficiency and product safety.”


301 ID


Hermetic sealing for extended product shelf life
The Pack 301 ID combines two proven technologies – the inverted machine design and long-dwell cross sealing – in one machine to provide gentle, secure packaging and air-tight seals. The long-dwell technology allows for sealing times of up to one second, enabling high pack integrity to protect freshness and extend product shelf life. To ensure air-tight packages during ramp up and down periods, the Pack 301 ID features a constant seal time independent of the machine’s speed. Additionally, the temperature on the top and bottom sealing jaws can be independently controlled to enable high seal quality with thicker films.



Secure product transport and simplified maintenance
For secure product handling and reduced jams, the Pack 301 ID’s inverted design gently transports products on top of the film from the folding box through the cutting head. To allow manufacturers to select the optimal film path, the modular backstand with inverted film unwinder can be located in various positions relative to the infeed and wrapper.


One of the Pack 301 ID’s efficiency-enhancing features is its ability to detect products located between the cross-sealing jaws. This functionality ensures that the film remains unsealed and the respective packages are rejected automatically resulting in maximum uptime. It also prevents material built-up on the sealing jaws and therefore minimizes cleaning time while reducing product and film waste.


Based on the Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) concept, a hygienic and open design allows for fast cleaning and easy operation. Knives can be changed and cleaned without tools, and the transport belt at the sealing station can be easily exchanged for cleaning and maintenance. Reproducible settings facilitate a reliable and rapid product changeover as well as high flexibility ensuring efficiency throughout the whole packaging process.


Leon Arkesteijn
Product Manager
phone: +31 10 4885-727




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