Experts in Liquid Food Packaging – Part 1: Thermoform Technology

On entering local supermarkets and heading to the dairy section, consumers can find many products that are packaged in thermoformed cups. Varying in form and size, they are used for packaging liquid or viscous products such as yoghurts, desserts, or puddings. All of them are protected by a thin layer of plastic and a lid. Venturing even deeper into the halls of dairy products, one can not only find packs of thermoformed cups but pre-made cups as well. Differentiation between the two types can be hard and often manufacturers of liquid and viscous food products are unsure which technology to choose.


Why thermoformed cups?
The question now at hand is why thermoformed cups present an excellent choice for manufacturers when filling their product in multi, portion packs or single cups. The first benefit is storage: Less space equals lower storage expenses because a single roll of film takes up less space than a batch of pre-made cups. In addition, the production of multi-packs is less cost-intensive than acquisition costs of pre-made cups. One reason for that is packaging material savings of up to 15 percent using thermoforming technology. Additionally, differing from using preformed cups, more providers are at hand for thermoforming packaging material.

Thermoform Cups


There are manufacturer whose product portfolio asks for point-of-sale differentiation via cup decoration. They might opt for pre-formed cups because embellishments can be done on a more elaborate level. Looking at thermoformed cups, labels are an alternative. They can not only be used for decoration but provide stability as well. Hence, cups can be produced with thinner walls when using labels, thus accounting for material savings. Also operating costs are lower because there is no manual reloading of pre-made cups necessary.


To put it in a nutshell:
Thermoforming technology could be right when you look for a space and material saving solution and efficient packaging of multi-cups.


What about premade cups?
Find out next time why pre-formed technology might be right for you.


Robert Fesl
Head of Sales Liquid Team, Bosch Packaging Technology
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