Customized thermoforming machines


Are you looking for an efficient and reliable packaging machine for thermoformed cups? You appreciate competent counseling on packaging materials or optimal cup thickness? If so, then the R&D lab for thermoforming technology in Waiblingen is just the right place for you.


For several years now, Gerd Schwegler, Head of the R&D lab Liquid Food, and his team have conducted research on thermoformed cups, single-serve packaging, and flexible packaging with reclosable screw caps in the R&D lab for thermoform and vertical form, fill and seal machines. Their work ranges from testing customers’ packaging materials, determining factors like reliability and stability or working out the best way to fill specific products.


“Our range of testing services offers our customers major benefits,” reports Gerd Schwegler. “Tests on the original product and packaging material allow us to make sure machines are optimized for the product’s specific requirements. That means we can quickly identify and resolve possible errors in the filling process and the handling of foils and screw caps. Furthermore, we are documenting the wear and tear of new machine parts by conducting mechanical tests. Thereby we obtain critical parameters that help us to improve machine parts for real-life production guaranteeing a high level of machine reliability. ”In addition, the lab team conducts physical and microbiological tests or analyses according to in-house standard operating procedures (SOPs) or following procedural instructions agreed upon individually with each customer.


Besides the R&D lab for thermoform and vertical form, fill and seal machines, the location in Waiblingen boasts a R&D lab specifically for producers in the coffee industry. The facility manufactures sample bags and studies dry filling materials and their packaging materials. It is also where product protection techniques are continuously refined and valve technology know-how is expanded.


Gerd Schwegler
Head of R&D lab Liquid Food
phone: +49(711)811-57432

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