Guaranteed for more than 25,000 cycles

Nipro Chamber

Schoeller Bleckmann Medizintechnik (SBM), a subsidiary of Bosch Packaging Technology, offers customers a 12-year guarantee on its optimized sterilization chambers. Available in both round and rectangular design, the improved chambers are able to perform at least 25,000 sterilization cycles (batches) in our customers’ operational environments.


Today’s pharmaceutical plants have to deliver one thing above all else: high productivity. While this can be ensured by reducing batch sizes and keeping heating and cooling times short, these measures put considerable thermal stresses on sterilization chambers in multi-shift operations. Conducting a detailed analysis of these temperature differentials was the essential first step in recalculating and redesigning the chambers to extend their service life.


For the redesign SBM engineers could profit from many years of experience in building sterilization chambers. The engineers took comprehensive measurements of the temperatures occurring at the chambers at plants of various sizes and different ranges of sterilization processes. Those results were fed into their new calculations and design. They also utilized a state-of-the-art calculation method – the finite element method (FEM) – which can be used in conjunction with virtual prototypes to find out whether a new design fulfills the required physical characteristics.


Reduced stress, increased longevity
A key aim of the redesign was to resolve the issue of stress spikes that affect the entire chamber. Thanks to innovative welding technologies, the engineers were able to significantly improve the quality of chambers and their jackets. Longevity is increased when the length of the pipes that are permanently attached to the chamber is extended sufficiently – these pipes allow rapid temperature changes and reduce thermal stress. Redesigning aspects of critical corner areas of the door seal channel has had an equally positive effect on service life.


After exhaustive testing and meticulous checking of the calculations, the result is here: a better, more stable chamber with improvements to key features and a 12-year or at least 25,000-cycle guarantee.


Isa Alkan
Head of Sales
phone: +43 2630 312 214









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