Then and now – visionary tunnel technology

sterilization tunnel

The history of Bosch’s well-known sterilization tunnel began in the beginning of the 1970s. The engineer Ingbert Pennekamp was assigned to design a new tunnel for ampoules. In the greatest secrecy, the new model started taking shape in the assembly hall. Instead of developing the current equipment further, Ingbert Pennekamp set out to develop a groundbreaking technology. “It was our goal to provide customers with one solution for the entire process, thus facilitating their daily work,” Ingbert Pennekamp reports. The revolutionary result was a linear tunnel without any manual intermediate steps – at first with radiant heaters, later based on the laminar flow method for hot air sterilization.

Focus on customer requirements

The tunnel was designed to transport a high volume of non-stable objects and could be seamlessly connected with a washing machine as well as a filling and closing machine. The company – at that time still called Strunk & Co. – received several awards for its development in Germany and abroad. Down to the present date Bosch has manufactured more than 1,500 sterilization tunnels – all of them based on the pioneering idea of Ingbert Pennekamp and his colleagues. Just as the inventor had intended, Bosch kept on developing its tunnels further, always with the customers’ needs in mind. This led to the recent introduction of the new tunnel series HQL 6000, 7000 and 8000.

Proven technology – new design

As the energy consumption of sterilization tunnels accounts for a considerable share of the Total Cost of Ownership, Bosch focused on energy and resource savings. Due to an optimized airflow and measures for heat recovery, the new HQL series saves energy and reduces the need for electrical heating. The HQL tunnel has considerably changed its look throughout the years, while providing an even more reliable sterilization process. After more than 40 years, one thing is still true: the Bosch engineers have a good eye for revolutionary tunnel technology.



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