Record breaking assorted biscuits packaging

Biscuit line

A major biscuits and snacks manufacturer in the Asia-Pacific region needed a line for quick changeovers, flexibility for new formats, pack styles and system reliability to package its biscuits of various shapes and sizes. For more than 20 years, they have relied on Bosch Packaging Technology and therefore turned to Bosch Packaging Systems AG, based in Beringen, Switzerland, for a new seamless system. Tailor-made for maximum flexibility and 24/7 productivity, the high-speed line offers two packaging options: package one type of biscuits directly in flow wraps or insert them into big carrier trays for future customizing for assorted packs.


After leaving the oven, vibratory channels buffer and tilt the biscuits on edge. Then a Sigpack FGM slug loader portions and inserts them into a Sigpack FCCA cross chain unit. Depending on the required pack style, the biscuits are moved to a Sigpack HCS flow wrapper or are fed into a Sigpack WTW tray-loading wheel, which gently places the biscuits into big plastic carrier trays. When the trays are completely filled with one type of biscuits, they are stacked and automatically palletized in the warehouse on pallets of one biscuit variety only.


Sigpack line


According to market demands, the carrier trays can be removed from stock. A second separate robot line takes out several trays filled with different biscuit types, and fills a smaller tray with different assorted biscuit brands, which are flow wrapped with two Sigpack HCM. The assorted packs are now ready for sale.


The Seamless System ensures intuitive operation resulting in minimum operator errors and maximum overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Easily accessible components allow for fast cleaning and maintenance while the wrapper’s ergonomic design facilitates quick format changes. With the new line, the manufacturer can swiftly pack their wide array of biscuits while maintaining quality standards, and adapting to market demands.

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