World Health Day 2015

World Health Day

April 7 was World Health Day and this year the focus was on food safety. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that some two million people die each year from infections caused by contaminated food or drinking water. To mark World Health Day, events are taking place in several countries to highlight national issues surrounding bacteria, parasites and chemical substances, and how they can end up on your plate.

World Health Day

Food safety in Indonesia: With packaging technologies from PA food is safely processed – even in regions that are prone to extreme climatic conditions. Photo: Bosch

Packaging technology plays a major role in protecting food and Bosch Packaging Technology helps ensure the food that ends up on plates around the world is safe. Using its extensive product portfolio (filling and sealing machines, thermoforming machines, primary and secondary packaging machines, and weighing and robotics solutions), PA is doing its part to make sure staple foods make it safely from the field to consumers – even in regions that are prone to extreme climatic and weather conditions. But it’s not just in parts of Africa and Asia that the risk of food being badly packaged remains high. With aging populations in Europe, Australia, and the Americas, more and more people are susceptible to illness caused by bacteria. Babies and children are equally at risk. Everyone wants to be able to eat and drink safely.


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