High-quality granulation processes in fixed dimensions

Granulean Press

The pharmaceutical industry is always looking for new, efficient and space-saving solutions for its granulation processes. An easy-to-integrate technology, perfectly harmonized machine components, and an easy incorporation into production rooms are amongst the key requirements. At this year’s Achema, Bosch shows how these demands can be satisfied with compact, cost-efficient and quickly available solutions.


Smooth product flow
GranuLean, the new granulation unit of the Bosch subsidiary Hüttlin, significantly reduces the complexity of granulation processes. As opposed to individually tailored granulation lines, the new GranuLean has all important functions installed by default. The active ingredients and excipients are mixed by the bottom-drive mixing device Gentlewing in the high-shear mixer, and emptied via the also newly developed integrated wet mill. Communication between the mill and Gentlewing ensures that only as much product is emptied as the mill is able to process, thus preventing the mill from clogging. A pneumatic transfer pipe subsequently transfers the wet product to the fluid bed. At the end of the drying process, the product is emptied by a dry mill.

Granulean Press

With GranuLean, Bosch introduces a lean and compact granulation unit to the market, which is exactly adapted to the basic requirements of pharmaceutical producers. The same is also true for the new wet mill, which is integrated into GranuLean for the first time. Visit us at Achema (hall 3.1, booth C71) from 15th to 19th June, and find out more about the advantages of our new GranuLean!




Fritz-Martin Scholz
Product Manager
phone: +49 (0)7622 6884-131


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