Bosch Packaging Technology and Lighthouse Instruments: cooperation for automated headspace leak detection

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Bosch Packaging Technology today announced a cooperation with Lighthouse Instruments, LLC, headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA. The cooperation will result in a new machine series for pharmaceutical container closure integrity (CCI) testing with laser headspace analysis (HSA) exclusively marketed by Bosch. To this end, Lighthouse will exclusively license and supply Bosch with laser measurement systems for automated pharmaceutical leak detection applications.


LighthouseLighthouse is the leading provider of non-destructive laser spectroscopy HSA systems, and has more than fifteen years of experience with the largest installed base of HSA applications. “By combining this expertise and best-in-class technology from Lighthouse with market-leading machinery for pharmaceutical inspection applications from Bosch Packaging Technology, we have developed a highly flexible and customizable leak detection platform,” says Joachim Baczewski, head of Inspection Technology and president of Bosch Packaging Technology K.K. in Japan. The new, fully automated series inspects different containers filled with lyophilized products, as well as medicines filled under vacuum or purged with inert gas.


Achieving the highest product quality
“We are excited to contribute our expertise in state-of-the-art laser technology to offer the pharmaceutical industry best-in-class leak detection machines that will help customers achieve their goals for high product quality,” says Jim Veale, president of Lighthouse Instruments. The collaboration between Bosch and Lighthouse goes beyond mere supply cooperation: Bosch can now offer customers best-in-class HSA technology, combined with extensive expert knowledge and consulting services.


Lighthouse will exclusively license and supply its laser measurement systems for automated pharmaceutical leak detection applications to Bosch. Bosch will be the sole vendor of fully automated machine series containing these measurement systems, while Lighthouse will continue to independently offer measurement services, laboratory instruments and automation for non-leak detection applications to the pharmaceutical industry.


Further portfolio expansion
Since the integration of Eisai Machinery in 2012, Bosch Packaging Technology has continuously expanded its position as a leading supplier of robust, gentle and high-speed platforms for particle and cosmetic inspection, as well as high voltage leak detection. Now the time has come to further enlarge this portfolio through the cooperation with Lighthouse.


Find out more about the new machine series and technology here soon!


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