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Cheese secondary packaging

It’s hard to think of another food product that has risen in global popularity like cheese. This is why Bosch Packaging Technology has engineered solutions to accommodate cheese producers and their global needs.


For example, Bosch offers equipment that allows for triangular, square, rectangular, round and ellipse processed cheese shapes — all on a single unit and with high-speed production. Another equipment option responds to consumer demands for a greater variety in product types and flavors, as well as more convenient, easy-to-open options and healthy, portion-controlled products. The solution provides easily-integrated cheese conditioning to enable various flavor fillings at the same time while using minimal energy. Other technologies are capable of processing up to 2,000 individually-wrapped slices (IWS) of processed cheese per minute with high-quality sealing. This includes transversal sealing that reliably encloses cheese slices while minimizing film usage and waste and enhancing food safety. Some state-of-the-art packaging technologies include electrostatic conveyors that simplify the process as IWS can be stacked flat and transported on production lines without any product shifting.


The secondary packaging of cheese products needs to be stable to protect products during transport and enhance brand appeal at the point-of-sale. This is why Bosch offers multiple pack style options on one single case packer: RSC, full wrap-around, tray with hood, and display tray. For example, stackable cases are characterized by their high stability and product protection which is indispensable during long transports. Other secondary pack styles emphasize easy opening and handling, such as so-called shelf-ready packaging (SRP), enabling time savings for retailers. No matter if the product is cheese bricks, cups of cream cheese, IWS or thermoformed trays – these secondary packaging options allow manufacturers to create the best shipping and shelf-ready package.


By partnering with a single-source packaging solution supplier, cheese manufacturers can benefit from comprehensive consultation service, single interface and integrated solutions for seamless operation for different products and pack styles.


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