Bar Processing and Packaging

Some 620 employees work at the 8500 square meter main plant in Lübeck near Hamburg, producing a broad product portfolio. To cope with the ever-growing demand for bars, Brüggen was looking for a new production line to manage the entire process – from bar manufacturing to retail-ready packaging.


A partnership built on experience and expertise

For several years Brüggen has relied on Bosch technologies to package its products and has valued the quality, reliability and service received. Based on the positive experience with Bosch and its innovative and flexible technologies, Brüggen placed the order for a complete bar production line.


Continues production

To process 600 bars per minute following different recipes and in various forms, Bosch installed a Contiline for the mass preparation stage and the continuous mixing, shaping, cooling, cutting and coating.


For Brüggen, the easy accessibility and cleaning of the various Contiline components were major considerations. “With the Contiline, we can produce 300 different product types, and the tool-free operation enables changeovers in just a few minutes,” says Hanno Brüggen, managing director of H. & J. Brüggen KG.


Ready for retail

Once processing is complete, a cooling tunnel guides the rows of bars towards a distribution accumulator. A discharge station then directs the bars towards the high-speed horizontal flow wrapper with rotating heat-sealing jaws. Following primary packaging, the top loader collects the products and arranges them in groups before inserting them into erected cartons. These are then closed and checked by scales. Finally, the case packer, featuring wrap-around technology, collates the cartons and packs them into retail-ready packaging with tray and hood. The machine gives Brüggen the flexibility to choose between 12 different formats and thereby satisfy customer needs. Machine operators can switch between formats quickly and easily, without needing tools, in just 15 to 20 minutes. As a result, Brüggen is able to offer a multitude of collations in different shapes and sizes.


“Throughout the entire process, Bosch has proven its value as a partner. Though the production line consists of several different components, the machines combine so smoothly that it significantly reduces any planned downtime due to product changes or cleaning. The new system allowed us to reduce cleaning time from seven hours to two,” explains Hanno Brüggen. “With Bosch at our side, we will be able to offer innovative pack styles and high-quality products long into the future.”




Peter Dreßler
Sales Director Bar Technology
phone: +49 2162 248 476


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