HFFS Column Part 3: Modified Atmosphere Packaging extends shelf life


In the third part of our five-column series, we will provide an insight into how modified atmosphere packaging can give brands the edge on product safety and freshness.


It’s a fact that fresh food won’t stay fresh forever. To make perishable food last as long as possible, modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) technology, which introduces and regulates various gas mixtures within a package, is a highly effective way to preserve food products. It offers an interesting alternative to methods such as heat sterilization or freezing.


Packaging machinery designed to incorporate MAP technologies via hermetic sealing capabilities greatly improves product freshness, reduces the amount of added preservatives and extends shelf life. For food manufacturers, MAP technologies help prevent food products from spoiling during shipping, as well as enhance a brand’s reputation for freshness, resulting in consumer loyalty and greater sales potential.

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Fresh foods are “living” products and therefore consume oxygen and expel carbon dioxide, water and heat. Maintaining the right mixture of gases and regulating moisture are critical to maintaining and extending shelf life, and each specific food being packaged requires a unique blend of gases.


Flow wrapping technology is responsible for the all-important hermetic package sealing as leakage would compromise the protective gas mixture and therefore the shelf life of the product. Therefore, the choice of flow wrapping machinery is critical. Extended sealing times and optimal sealing conditions at all times result in air-tight seals.


As a supplier of packaging machines that can offer MAP equipment, we encourage manufacturers to explore MAP technologies as a way to extend their product’s shelf life and meet the demand of increasingly health-conscious consumers who desire less preservatives.


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