European launch of V55 product protection valve

V55 Valve

Bosch launches its V55 external coffee protection valve, which was first presented at PACK EXPO International 2014 in the US, to the European market at Scanpack in Gothenburg.


Product protection valves allow roasting gas emitted by roasted coffee beans to escape of the packaging without allowing oxygen and external odors to enter the bag. It also prevents the bag from bloating, ensuring an inviting shelf presentation and safeguarding brand loyalty.


Compact design enables savings
Smaller in size than the previous generation (only 12.5 x 12.5 x 0.35 millimeters), the new valve enhances product protection while offering material, logistics, and storage space savings as well as a changeover time reduction: with the new V55 the number of valves per reel is now doubled to 12,000 in comparison with previous generations. This reduces storage space requirements and transportation costs for coffee manufacturers. In addition, reels do not need to be changed as often as before, enabling operators to use their time more effectively. The compact design of the V55 valves requires 62 percent less paper film, contributing to material savings. This reduction also significantly decreases paper waste and supports sustainability efforts.


Integrated solution for enhanced efficiency
To complement external valves, Bosch offers European coffee producers a valve applicator that works in line with vertical baggers and package makers. Coupled with proven applicator technology that equips bags with reliable external valves, coffee manufacturers can now apply up to 150 valves per minute.


Bosch’s new V55 valve as well as the valve applicator CVA V55 will be on display at the booth of Bosch`s partner Kafeko at Scanpack, October 20 to 23 in hall B7, booth 60.




Julian Kaetzlmeier
Global Sales & Business Development Manager Valves
phone: +49(711)811-57480

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