It’s clever!

When consumers want a product, they don’t want to wait. This is why packaging flexibility is a top priority to maximize productivity for global consumer products giant Unilever.


Unilever’s Knorr factory in Sanguinetto, Italy, produces most of the brand’s global jelly bouillon. The plant supplies an extensive international market and needed to implement more flexible case packing solutions.


Flexibility times three

In 2011, Knorr installed its first Elematic 2000 Wrap-Around case packer from Bosch to complete its high-speed line. “Our relationship with Bosch dates back to when we became the first Unilever plant in Italy to purchase a Bosch machine for our lines,” notes Carlo Forchia, Unilever’s project delivery engineer at the plant. The facility was so pleased with the results that it has since added two more Elematic case packers – with the most recent addition operating since 2013.


Changeovers made easy

As a result, Unilever has improved operational efficiency and is able to change formats quickly for its extensive Knorr range. Format changeovers can be made quickly and require no tools. “The Bosch equipment design is clever. It gives us the capability to produce new types of trays, so we can respond to marketing requests quickly,” says Forchia.


35 to 40 cases per minute

“The unit has the flexibility to accommodate multiple pack styles, including single- or double-stacking,” Forchia says. At the plant, the Elematic 2000 WA currently packs between 35 and 40 cases per minute, with the capability to increase the output even more.


More about the Elematic case packer

The Elematic 2000 WA packages the Knorr products in a tray with an inner hood and is designed to case pack smaller bundles. The machine can handle pack styles from tray, to full wrap-around, to two-part, shelf-ready packaging.



Bernhard Vaihinger
Head of Product Management, Innovation and Technology
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