Quality and efficiency from processing to packaging


The so called “on-the-go-generation” is constantly on the move, flexibility is a must and convenience is king. Consequently, the snacking industry is booming and bar products turn out to be the ideal match to meet today’s consumer requirements. Our highly flexible bar line features a holistic design philosophy ensuring maximum efficiency from processing to packaging.


The quality and taste of bars often depend on the accuracy and consistency of the ingredients. Proper production starts with automated technologies that verify dosing accuracy. Further, homogeneity must be ensured via thorough mixing and in the forming stage, elimination of product waste significantly improves return on investment.


The seamless integration of packaging machines allows a smooth product flow, minimizing bottlenecks and downtime. Standardized equipment offers important advantages, including ease of use, reduction in operator errors and reduced maintenance costs. Our bar line handles all types of products, from sticky cereal bars to bite size chocolates up to chocolate tablets at system speeds ranging from 200 to 6000 products per minute.


Whether you improve a recipe, launch a new product, or change formats, our bar packaging technology offers quick and reproducible changeovers as well as easy maintenance. Surfaces are accessible for quick cleaning and inspection. The easily removable belts and panels are specially customized for bar product requirements.


Product breakage and waste can clog the system, leading to jammed parts and accumulations of crumbs. The Bosch bar line fosters gentle product handling and smooth transfers to overcome these issues. Here, advanced distribution technology is important: conveyors with smooth interfaces and perfectly matching side guides place minimal mechanical load on the products. The angled surfaces and crumb trays further improve the cleanliness of the line.


Flexibility is key for packaging, as manufacturers keep up with changing demands for pack styles. Our range of machines handle various formats, giving you an edge over your competitors, especially when you have a variety of brands in your portfolio.




Josua Schwab
product manager
phone: +41-58-6747639

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