HFFS Column Part 4: Protecting the sick

HFFS Medical Variety

It is common knowledge that health is the most valuable asset we only become aware of when we get sick. Then consumers rely on pharmaceutical products and medical devices. Pharmaceutical manufacturers face particular challenges to properly package their products because they require a high level of product protection. To ensure consumer safety, validation equipment and hermetic sealing capabilities can be incorporated on horizontal flow wrapping lines. At the same time these systems protect the companies from costly product recalls, lawsuits and a tarnished brand.


Vision inspection equipment can be placed in a few key locations along the packaging line, for example to verify that each infeed contains the correct product. As product and literature pairing are critical components of pharmaceutical and medical device packaging, a vision camera scans the literature’s code to ensure that the appropriate content is accompanying the product. Further vision cameras can verify that the appropriate date/lot code is applied to the product film and match up all three codes for validation.


When installed, each of these vision systems can communicate with an integrated rejection mechanism that removes empty or incomplete packages, as well as packages with incorrect or missing literature, or wrong label codes. As a supplier of horizontal flow wrappers with integrated vision systems and reject stations, Bosch Packaging Technology brings the necessary know-how with third-party suppliers to provide a seamless integration of validation equipment and rejection conveyors.


Additionally, packaging machinery with hermetic sealing can effectively protect oxygen and light sensitive products from degradation, as well as create tamper-evident packaging, even for thicker opaque foils. Bosch provides a long dwell sealing system that guarantees a consistent sealing time regardless of machine speed, critical during the ramp up and down phases.


These validation methods and hermetic sealing technologies help to ensure that a quality product travels from the facility to the people depending on it.


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