Flexible case packing meets ergonomics

Bosch Elematic 3001

The wrap-around case packer Elematic 3001 combines easy-to-handle, flexible case packing with quick changeovers. It handles products packaged in bags, flow wraps, folding boxes, cans or glass containers and has references in the cheese, biscuit, cereals, coffee and frozen food industry since its global launch in 2014. Manufacturers have the choice between the pack styles full-wrap-around, tray, ledge tray and tray with hood. Bosch Packaging Technology additionally offers packaging design development, also for retail-ready solutions, with display effect and easy-to-open features.


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The main characteristics of the case packer are ergonomic features facilitating operation and optimizing the packaging process. The low blank magazine height allows for easy loading with less frequency and large magazine capacity. With the optimized hot melt system and its external granulate container, operators are protected from burns when refilling glue granulate. Both features contribute to an increased workplace safety and fulfill increasingly stringent regulations worldwide.


The Elematic 3001 can handle multiple formats and retail-ready pack styles with easy format changeovers. Thanks to the Elematic Click system, operators won’t need any tools for this fast, clear and reproducible changeover. The system indicates acoustically through a click sound when parts lock into place, and a red distance piece optically proves the successful format changeover. The result: higher efficiency, less corrections and errors compared to using scales.


Following essential principles of the Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) concept, the machine has a clear concept and a modular structure with fewer components and a control cabinet on board. Wide guard doors and an open machine design enhance visibility and make the machine operation process transparent for the operator. Also improved is the machine’s accessibility, with design-integrated conduits that facilitate operation and cleanability. All wiring and cables are hidden and protected. Clear status indications show when maintenance is due. This helps eliminate unplanned downtime and increases productivity while at the same time decreasing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for manufacturers.




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