Award winning “toothpaste box”

Bosch Kliklok-Woodman for Big Heart Pet Brands

Big Heart Pet Brands, a pet food and treat company, invented the Milk-Bone Brushing Chew in 2014, a dog treat that “tastes like a treat and cleans like a toothbrush”.


Forming the bag

The challenging requirements included applying a Velcro closure on the doy bag, running film with a pre-applied closure to form the side-gusseted stand-up bag and having the flexibility to cater to the three carton sizes and two bag styles.


Bosch recommended the SVI 4020 WR vertical bagmaker for its flexibility in handling a range of bag styles. Since Big Heart Pet Brands wanted a unique reclosable bag, Bosch customized the SVI 4020 WR to adhere a Velcro zipper instead of the common string zipper, enhancing ease of use.


“The level of service and machine quality we have seen from our experience with the company over the last 20 years made us feel very comfortable choosing Bosch,” said Paul Baker, senior manager projects, packaging R&D, Big Heart Pet Brands. “The range of solutions and ability to customize and easily upgrade technologies will give us the flexibility to expand production as the brand grows, while meeting current business goals.”


The new packaging has been well received by customers. In addition, the innovative packaging line design was recognized with PMMI’s Packaging Line of the Year award in November 2014.


PMMI Packaging Line of the Year Award - Chuck Yuska (right), CEO and President of PMMI, bestowed the awards to Paul Baker (center), Senior Manager of R&D Projects at Big Heart

PMMI Packaging Line of the Year Award – Chuck Yuska (right), CEO and President of PMMI, Paul Baker (center), Senior Manager of R&D Projects at Big Heart Pet Brands, and Ross Long (left), Executive VP of Sales and Marketing at Kliklok-Woodman.



The Flip-Top Carton

In addition to selecting the VFFS bagmaker from Bosch, Big Heart Pet also chose Kliklok-Woodman for the reclosable flip-top topload carton. “The goal was to have customers instantly associate the products as beneficial to a dog’s dental health,” Baker stated. “After careful consideration, we came up with the idea to create a package similar to a traditional toothpaste carton, making it recognizable and different from the standard stand-up pouch.”


Kliklok-Woodman’s contribution to the line was a custom-built Vari-Pitch FT (Flip Top) closer and a pair of ECT-625 glue-style topload carton formers. The closer features Kliklok’s patented Variable Pitch Technology, which uses on-demand pop-up lugs to guide the carton along a double-right angle path. The formers use a four-head turret that maintains constant control of the carton blank as it rotates through the forming process.


Big Hearts Pet Brand products

Big Heart Pet Brands products


Joined forces for complete systems
Now that Kliklok-Woodman is part of Bosch Packaging Technology, customers can benefit from a wider portfolio to answer all of their packaging needs. Just recently, Big Hear Pet Brands expanded their production and purchased a second line.



  • Watch a video of this packaging line – the PMMI packaging line of the year 2014


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