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Bosch Packaging Technology for Klosterfrau with flexible bottle filling

The name Klosterfrau is associated with tradition. Founded almost 200 years ago in Cologne, Germany, the Klosterfrau Healthcare Group is today one of Germany’s major pharmaceutical producers with over 1,000 employees. As Klosterfrau will consolidate most of its production at its plant in Berlin, it was looking for a flexible filling and capping line to bottle various liquid and viscous medicines in glass bottles ready for oral consumption.


Flexible bottling
The volumetric filling system from Bosch handles a wide range of products from liquid to high-viscous with different product characteristics, with maximum filling accuracy and output. An important requirement would be a reliable cleaning system. “Given the diversity of the products, the differing smells and tastes might mix with one another during filling. In this respect, the innovative cleaning system from Bosch provided the perfect solution,” sums up Lutz Müller, head of the department ‘Liquida’ at the production site in Berlin.


Validated cleaning
The integrated Cleaning-In-Place (CIP) Plus system of the filling machines ensures residue-free and reliable cleaning, thereby preventing any potential cross-contamination when processing different products at the same machine. With the CIP Plus system, Klosterfrau can set an individual cleaning program for each product. This allows the cleaning process to be repeated and validated, despite the diverse range of filled products.


Bosch Packaging Technology for Klosterfrau with flexible bottle filling

Bosch Packaging Technology for Klosterfrau with flexible bottle filling and capping.


Variable capping
Klosterfrau also demanded high flexibility in terms of the different caps available. After the filling machine, the containers pass through capping machines, which hold several capping stations. Based on the end consumer use of the particular product, individual pouring spouts are attached to the bottles at the first machine. The caps are then fitted at the second machine. Klosterfrau also has the option of placing a measuring cup on top of the cap. The modular configuration of the lines enables the processing of different packaging materials.


A convincing long-term solution
Bosch’s long lasting experience, in terms of designing and building top-class filling and capping lines, was the deciding factor for Klosterfrau. Tobias Pabst, project manager at Klosterfrau, is delighted: “Bosch has put together the optimal solution for our individual needs. While conventional machines can only work with a limited range of products, the Bosch line in Berlin is currently handling ten different formats. I am sure that other projects will run just as smoothly.” A very promising future!


Pasquale Giunta
Area Sales Manager Filling & Capping
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