„We are able to run twice as fast as before”

David's Cookies packed with Bosch machinery.

David’s Cookies, USA, makes premium pastry items while operating a leading on-line bakery store. Using polyethylene film, the company wraps its products in a wide range of sizes while all shipping cases are manually loaded.


The company has been experiencing outstanding growth and wanted to invest in new packaging equipment to keep pace with the increasing demand. Efraim Korn, Director of Maintenance for David’s Cookies, notes, “We considered various options and Bob Fournier, sales agent at Jaffco Packaging Machinery, helped us identify which wrapper would best suit our needs. He came to our facility to learn about our specific requirements and finally recommended the Pack 101 from Bosch. We then coordinated closely with their sales engineering team to equip the machine with the appropriate options and format parts.”


David’s Cookies previously used the Doboy Super Mustang wrapper that had served the company long and well. It is now being replaced by the latest fully electronic entry-level wrapper Pack 101. So David’s was comfortable and confident about the transition.


“The machine was ready on time, was exactly as promised and wraps perfectly every time. The Bosch sales agent was on-site to help make sure we had a smooth start-up”, says Korn.


Operations at David's Cookies.

Operations at David’s Cookies.


When the Pack 101 was initially installed, David’s Cookies only had six recipes in six package sizes that needed to be overwrapped. Korn recalls, “I spent a day at Bosch’s facility where I received in-depth training on how to set up and run the machine. One day of training was more than enough time to become completely familiar with the user-friendly equipment.”


The Pack 101 is capable of packaging up to 150 products per minute and comes with an all-servo motor design that enables quick and easy recipe changeovers with a push of a button. It also optimizes product and film usage during production, while offering low maintenance costs. The Pack 101 can either be equipped with a fixed and/or a fully adjustable former. Multiple cutting head sizes are available which allow for flexible machine configuration and a wide range of product sizes. Its small footprint and left or right hand execution can easily integrate with Bosch feeding technology for light automation.


Korn reports, “With the Pack 101 we are able to run twice as fast as before. Depending on the product, we now have the capability to run up to 90 pieces per minute. The wrapper runs continuously and consistently delivers uniformly perfect seals with almost no downtime. It’s also very flexible, reliable and the set-up for new items is quick and easy.”


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Craig Collett
Director Sales and Marketing

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