Highly flexible pilot system for cell cultivation

Bosch fermenter


Bosch provides a wide range of solutions for cell cultivation, which can be combined in numerous ways due to their modular design. All fermentation systems enable substrates, gases and additives to be precisely supplied at controlled temperatures and stirring rates. This allows the targeted level of cell growth to be achieved in the fermenter, enabling efficient product formation at maximum biological activity. The scaling options range from small bioreactors to plants for industrial cultivation of large call volumes.


So far there were only production volumes of 500 to 5,000 liters available but from now Bosch complemented the existing portfolio of fermentation devices so as there are also batch sizes from 8 to 200 liters available. The fully automatic bioreactor is delivered with the complete periphery required for bioprocesses.


Bosch fermenter

The pilot unit can be used for different types of cell cultivation such as batch or fed-batch processes and even continuous or perfusion fermentation. The modular design makes it possible to process different cell types like mammalian cells, plant cells, bacteria, enzymes, yeasts.


System features of the pilot fermenter unit:

  • Industrial GMP design
  • Modular concept, easy to extend and upgrade
  • Automatic CIP/SIP
  • Temperature control via integrated heater/cooler
  • Exchangeable magnetic stirrer, optional air lift module
  • Multiple process sensors
  • Automatic feeding of fluids
  • Several gassing options: below surface, in head space, via sparger
  • Light source for phototropic processes
  • Foam sensor and anti-foaming agent sprinkling nozzle
  • Exhaust gas module with heated filter for recuperation of moisture
  • Exhaust gas sensor


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