Sweet delights in single doses

Bosch has partnered with an international manufacturer to boost one of Nigeria’s most popular products to the local market.The chocolate malt powder drink is available in a string of single-serve sachets. With large packages often out of reach for most citizens, it was deemed that the smaller, individual packages would provide an affordable alternative.


The manufacturer realized the necessity to ramp up production of its sachet packaging in Nigeria and was looking to partner with a packaging expert capable of sustaining its high level of global standards. Bosch’s first step was to analyze existing packaging equipment and gain a full understanding of the company’s production needs. Then, working closely together, a new level of technical standards was developed that adhered to the company’s ethical value of Total Production Management (TPM). TPM defines how machines should be built. It is based on taking preventive measures with regard to hygienic processing, environmental considerations and maintenance. In close collaboration with the customer, the Sigpack RN was optimized accordingly. The re-engineered unit is capable of producing five lines of 20-gram sachets at an output rate of 625 sachets per minute, with each sachet being sealed on four sides.


Long-dwell cross sealing technology is used for optimum sealing integrity. The sealing rollers for longitudinal seams are especially designed for low sealing temperatures. This ensures hermetic sealing with little to no impact on the product. The improved seals also result in fewer rejects and less product waste. In addition, the vibration strength of the feeder was enhanced compared to previous machine generations. Metering screws fill the powder directly into the bottom of the sachet avoiding excessive use of product. The machine enables volumetric feeding over weight feeding further enhancing dosing accuracy.


The operation of the system is as intuitive and easy as possible to fulfill the company’s commitment to quality and safety. Operators have access to a set of autonomous measures that help alert them and tackle problems before they get out of control. The design allows for easy access, improving hygiene and reducing maintenance downtime.


The new sachet system has met the customer’s “TPM” requirements on every level. The compact design of the machine achieves a high speed-to-square-meter ratio, which has helped improve OEE across the line. Thanks to a supportive and ongoing relationship with Bosch, the manufacturer now has a blueprint for future applications. It has been a win-win for both companies.




Frank Buehler
Product Manager
+41-58-674 89 28


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