Today it’s World Diabetes Day

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder at which the pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin anymore.
If insulin is missing, too much sugar is accumulating in the blood, massively damaging veins, nerves and kidneys after a while. A blood sugar level that is too low is also dangerous: Affected persons can loose consciousness after a few hours and can fall into a coma.

That is why Diabetes belongs to the most challenging diseases in the World Health System. About 415 million people are suffering from this disease. The number is expected to increase to 642 million people until 2040. For this reason the International Diabetes Federation has founded the “World Diabetes Day“, WDD in 1991. It is the biggest campaign that calls attention to Diabetes at many events in more than 100 countries.


Bosch Packaging Technology

As a leading provider of process and packaging technology, Bosch Packaging Technology contributes to improve the quality of life of people with diabetes with its highly efficient machinery for precise and secure filling of insulin carpules.
In Crailsheim (Germany) filling lines are produced. On this lines carpules for insulin pens or injection vials are filled and closed aseptically. All around the world diabetes patients are using insulin pens or injection vials. The percentage of pens that pharma producers are filling on Bosch machinery is increasing in North America as well as in China and India. In addition, machines for final assembly of insulin pens and insulin infusion sets are manufactured at Moeller & Devicon in Sandved (Denmark), for instance.


Maximum safety through greatest quality and purity

The challenge at filling is to fill every vessel with an accuracy of 100 percent and to prevent air bubbles within the carpules as well as contaminations on the outer sides. In order to ensure the integrity of the vessels over the whole live cycle, they have to be reliably closed. This is happening by covering and precisely beading the sealing caps. For this, large parts of the filling line that can be up to 20 meters in length are equipped with insulators. These are aseptic mini clean rooms on the machine, to which employees only have access via special openings that are covered with gloves.





Dr. Johannes Rauschnabel
Chief Pharma Expert
phone: +49 (0) 7951 402 452

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