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Rapunzel Naturkost is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of certified organic, natural and vegetarian foods. The production lines were no longer able to keep up with the increasing order volumes. The products filled in glass jars as well as block-bottom and stand-up bags need to be packaged ready for shipping and sale by case packers. Moreover, the new machines should be intuitive to use, gently packaging the brittle products.

“Bosch stands for quality – and once the majority of the primary packaging machines in the new lines had been provided by Bosch, we decided to source the case packing solutions from Bosch too“, explains Alexander Karst, head of production at Rapunzel. By opting for Bosch once more, we were able to optimize interfaces and train employees more effectively. It is also a great help to have one single point of contact for all machine components.” All in all, three case packers from Bosch are in use at Rapunzel. One of the Elematic 3000 wrap-around case packers packages up to 50 tons of nut spread in various glass containers every day.


Bosch installed two further Elematic 3000 wrap-around case packers. One of the primary packaging machines, an SVE 3600 WR vertical bagmaker packs cereals, nuts and dried fruits into bags of various sizes. The other Bosch system fills semolina and breakfast purée into block-bottom and stand-up bags on a PME packaging machine.


Rapunzel packages

Rapunzel packages

Each of the products – which are manufactured across three lines– is now automatically diverted to one of the integrated Elematic case packers. To ensure gentle treatment of all products servo drives and plastic machine parts are integrated into the design to provide maximum protection. This reduces the risk of downtime and minimizes waste.


It is easy to adjust the Elematic to the speed of the respective upstream machine, which increases the efficiency of the production line. In addition, the case packer can be fitted with modules for two-part tray-and-hood packaging and also for full wrap-around packaging. Thanks to a clear labelling, naming and numbering of machine components, as well as structured processes, format changes can be done easily and quickly up to two times per day. The Elematic is designed to be easily accessible at its maintenance points.


“More and more of our partners and customers want products to look good on the shelves, as well as being easy to tear open and shelf,” points out Karst. “So we knew right from the start of the planning phase that we intend to offer packaging with trays and hoods in future, in addition to the full wrap-around format. This option is already integrated and enables us to embrace the kinds of product innovations we previously had no capacities for, which gives us an enormous advantage when the market requires adjustments to meet new requirements. Every day, every week and every task brings its own surprises,” expresses Karst. “With our partner Bosch by our side, and thanks to our new production lines, we are already looking forward to the challenges that lie ahead.”


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