Successful launch: FLT 1000 with isolator

Bosch FLT isolator

Visitors to Pharma Expo 2016 in Chicago, Illinois, saw the successful launch of the fully automated FLT vial filling and closing machine. It is the most recent addition to the highly flexible FLT product family. For the first time, this machine was now showcased with an isolator.


Improving aseptic environments
Pharmaceutical manufacturers are increasingly moving towards the use of isolators to protect both operators and products, and to achieve maximum process safety. With its small footprint, and combined with an isolator system, the FLT is the ideal solution for filling and closing clinical trial and low-volume products that require aseptic environments.


The machine is fully enclosed in an isolator featuring double walls. An integrated Bosch evaporation system for hydrogen peroxide decontamination automatically biodecontaminates the isolator chamber, ensuring continuous and long-term operation. Process air handling equipment can either be integrated on top of the isolator or at a remote location. Moreover, the FLT can also be combined with RABS, as well as with a variety of upstream and downstream machines to form a complete vial line.


Experience the complete FLT package!
The FLT achieves high efficiency, requires minimal size parts, limits product loss and runs a wide range of products. For instance, infeed options include provisions for pre-sterilized vials and the integration of a depyrogenation tunnel. The FLT handles containers ranging from 2 to 100 milliliters and processes up to 30 vials per minute.


Filling, stoppering and capping of both 13 and 20 millimeter components with a single sorting device is also possible. A 100 percent checkweigh function accounts for automated dose weight verification. All vials that do not comply with the defined fill range are rejected. Last but not least, customers also benefit from easy set-up and short changeover times.


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