Cup filling solutions for liquid, viscous and pumpable food

Through the acquisition of Ampack GmbH in 2012 and Osgood Industries Inc. in 2015, Bosch Packaging Technology strengthens its position in the field of filling and packaging equipment for liquid and pumpable food products. With equipment available in standardized as well as customized executions, Bosch fills pre-made containers with products underlying different hygienic requirements.


Successful launch of the new FCL inline cup filling generation
At interpack 2017, Bosch presented two solutions for dairy, liquid and pumpable food products: an upgraded version of the Osgood RFS-Series rotary machine and the latest Ampack FCL 3080 A aseptic inline fill and seal machine. Both solutions are designed for hygienic filling and sealing of pre-made cups. The development of the prototype FCL started in 2015 at Ampack, in close cooperation with Bosch experts from different company divisions. Rico Randegger, general manager at Ampack, pointed out the good collaboration and transfer of know-how as well as the valuable feedback from customers, making sure that the machine was developed to meet the demands of today and tomorrow.

The aseptic fill and seal machine Ampack FCL features an optimized sterilization process, thus minimizing the risk of product contamination. The modular, scalable design of this machine enables it to achieve output capacities of up to 20,000 cups per hour. Read more.

Extended machine portfolio offers new possibilities

Osgood Industries, a leading manufacturer of equipment that fills, seals and caps dairy and food products into pre-made containers, cups and trays, expanded Bosch’s offerings for filling pumpable food products and supports new applications such as ready meals, retort food, dips and frozen food.

Markus Schlumberger, managing director sales at Ampack, explains: “The acquisition of Osgood complements the existing Bosch portfolio for dairy products and increases the solutions for food products. Osgood has a strong focus on applications requiring clean up to ultra-clean hygiene filling, whereas Ampack focuses on ultra-clean and aseptic. This means that now we can offer a competitive and complete range of solutions.”



Osgood RFS-Series rotary machine



Rich Mueller, sales director at Osgood industries, says: “For Osgood the idea to join forces with Bosch was the next step towards expanding our network globally. We are working together with Ampack as one company. The two machines we presented at interpack 2017 are a perfect example of such cooperation and best practice exchange. With over 50 years of experience in clean, ultra-clean and aseptic filling technologies the solutions offer enhanced food safety, various levels of output, compact spaces and ease of use. Ideal for dairy, baby and pumpable food, these launches help us to respond to various production needs – from low to high output, different hygienic filling levels and easy integration of secondary packaging equipment.”

Designed to offer maximum features while keeping its footprint to a minimum, the Osgood RFS-Series rotary machine was recently unveiled with a new harmonized dosing concept available soon to the whole liquid food portfolio, including the new Ampack FCL. Read more.




Markus Schlumberger
Managing director sales Ampack GmbH

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