Bar products: Functional foods benefit over 50-year-olds

Food and beverages that contain additional nutrients are becoming increasingly popular with all consumer groups. These so-called functional foods contain vitamins, protein, minerals, cultures of bacteria, or unsaturated fats. They promise to provide a specific health benefit. Bar products, such as protein, cereal or fruit bars are ideal functional foods.


The new bar line features a hygienic machine design

Most typically, supermarket displays of functional food are geared towards young millennials. However, active and health-conscious over 50-year-olds are also an important target audience, with a large disposable income. They lead an active lifestyle, are brand loyal and value quality, something they can certainly afford: This consumer group has a high purchasing power, which is predicted to reach 10 quadrillion dollar by 2020 (Source: Euromonitor, A.T. Kearney analysis; Ageing – Understanding the global consumer ‘super’ trend: Who are the seniors? 2015, Mintel).



In order for a product to be successful among the 50+ generation, it is key to respond to this target group’s needs, not just in terms of ingredients but also in terms of packaging. The group’s desire for quality in particular should be reflected in the product as well as its packaging, which should be legible and easy to open. The product itself needs to be easy to portion and thus keep fresh for longer since this target group shops less frequently.


The Sigpack topload-cartoner TTM can change formats rapidly

To secure market shares among the over 50-year-olds as well as millennials, manufacturers should be as responsive as possible with regard to packaging style, size and design. This requires flexible processing and packaging technology, such as the Bosch bar line. It boasts a hygienic design and intelligent contact-free product infeed, as well as a flow wrapper with a wide range of formats and a topload cartoner that can change formats rapidly, thus providing different carton formats on the one machine.



You can find out more about the new Bosch bar line that was presented at interpack 2017 here: read brochure Bosch Bar Line.




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