Automation and productivity to grow

Almost 130 years after its founding, Pastificio Selmi S/A has turned into one of the biggest Brazilian food companies. Although being quite a new player in the biscuits industry, with production being started only in 2009, Selmi decided to take a significant next step in 2016. When looking for a supplier for its laminated cracker biscuits production in Sumaré, State of São Paulo, Selmi decided to invest in Bosch Packaging Technology machinery.

The solution provided by Bosch can package up to 5,000 kilograms of biscuits per hour, comprising a total of nine packaging machines. The pack styles range from single unit packages of 120 grams or 200 grams, up to multipacks of 360 grams. When it comes to pack styles, Selmi decided to pack their biscuits in a flow wrap, instead of a carton package commonly used in Brazil. “The new pack style provides an excellent product quality” explains Ricardo Selmi, General Manager Selmi. “Biscuits oxidize when they get in touch with oxygen, but the hermetic flow wraps help to keep the quality and the crunchiness of the product for a longer period of time”.


Handling up to 5,000 kilograms of crackers per hour


Another benefit of the machines are its servomotors, allowing adjustments to be made directly in the control panel, providing more flexibility during operation, bust also minimizing maintenance downtime and increasing machine lifetime. In addition, Selmi can save packaging material cost. A no product no package feature supported by photocells, makes the packaging machines only work when there is actually a product to be packaged, contrary to the prior mechanical machines with a predetermined packaging rhythm.


“With the line that was installed, including the oven and the packaging system, we have the best prerequisites to increase our production capacity”, says Cristian Villagra, Manager of Selmi’s plant in Sumaré. “We could already increase our hourly output to 140 kilograms/ per hour/ per machine operator. We now also plan to automate our secondary packaging line, which would allow us to boost our output to 220 kilograms/ per hour/ per machine operator”.


Bosch offers an extensive product portfolio for the biscuits industry, including technology for primary and secondary packaging and therefore is glad to assist Selmi in the next steps and support the company’s growth strategy.


Leandro Scaramuzzi
Project Management

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