Sterilizers back on track

Modernization is a cost-efficient way of revamping existing equipment. But what to do if the original machine manufacturer no longer upgrades the machinery? Family-run Norbrook Laboratories from Newry, North Ireland, opted for a creative approach when it had to modernize sterilizers for aseptic filling operations and terminal sterilization of antibiotics and anesthetics for domestic animals.


The company turned to Bosch as a partner with sound knowledge of sterilizing equipment to get its trusted machinery back on track. “Given our successful cooperation with Bosch, we chose Bosch Packaging Services as preferred upgrade partner. We also knew they had extensive experience with third-party equipment modernization,” Susan O’Neill, electronics manager/engineering project manager at Norbrook, explains. Backed by the sterilization experts from Bosch’s Austrian subsidiary Schoeller-Bleckmann Medizintechnik (SBM), Bosch Packaging Services initiated a twelve-month project. It included evaluating existing equipment, installing and programming the new control systems, as well as training Norbrook’s staff in customized workshops.


Increased sterilizing precision
Thanks to the upgrade, Norbrook now achieves a higher level of precision during sterilizing operations. The new touch panel is easy to use and allows monitoring critical process parameters. Moreover, operators can set up precise batch protocols and trace back recipe changes. Customized features such as an animated piping and an instrumentation diagram ensure the systems meet Norbrook’s control requirements, allowing for reliable and safe sterilizing operations. “Thanks to the structured and highly customized approach of the SBM trainers during on-site trainings, we quickly understood how to integrate the new controls into our daily routine. The modernized sterilizers work even more efficiently than before, helping us to maintain the high capacity of all our manufacturing lines,” Susan O’Neill concludes.


New control systems and the new touch panel are easy to use and allow a higher level of precision




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