As clear as glass

Vials, ampoules, cartridges and syringes made of glass: this still is the unbeatable packaging foursome for parenteral drugs. To ensure the highest product quality, the containers must remain intact during the entire process.


On October 17 and 18, 2017, leading experts will explain how glass primary packaging can be processed both safely and efficiently. The Parental Drug Association (PDA) is hosting the training “glass handling” as part of their European education program in Mainz, Germany. Of course, Bosch expert Klaus Ullherr is among the trainers.


Best practices in glass handling
Together with experts from Schott and Sanofi-Aventis, the senior product manager from Bosch Packaging Technology will offer detailed insights across the entire value chain of glass packaging and their contents. The first day is mainly dedicated to the topics of glass manufacturing and inspection. On day two, Klaus Ullherr will examine the advantages and challenges of glass packaging in the filling and packaging process.


First of all, he will cast a glance at the critical areas within the filling process. “Gentle handling of primary packaging, as well as the effects of different machine speeds on the material are central topics for our customers,” says Ullherr. Next to individual features such as avoiding glass-to-glass contact, he will offer tips and tricks for specific application cases. What should pharmaceutical manufacturers pay attention to during the filling process? Which are the most common challenges, and how can they be overcome?


Have you also asked yourself these questions? You can receive detailed information about the PDA training “glass handling” here. If you can’t participate, Klaus Ullherr will be happy to discuss your questions in an individual meeting. Please feel free to contact us!




Klaus Ullherr
Senior Product Manager
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