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Cleaning and sterilization of process systems is of crucial importance in pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical production. These important auxiliary processes guarantee trouble-free production flow with consistently high product quality.


The requirement-oriented design of the cleaning systems also has a considerable effect on operating costs. For this reason and in addition to the technical parameters, the engineers of Pharmatec, a subsidiary of Bosch Packaging Technology, always keep cost efficiency in mind when conceiving and designing CIP/SIP systems.



Mobile CIP unit 50l with control system, circulation pump and heat exchanger



The modular system design allows efficient and professional project execution within the shortest period of time. All CIP systems have reliable self-cleaning functions and can also be sterilized in place (SIP) on request. Smaller units can be configured as mobile systems, while larger plants with several vessels are permanently integrated into the infrastructure. This allows for the preparation or intermediate buffering of larger quantities of cleaning media. Different CIP programs can be selected, depending on the vessel characteristics, product and batch quantity, which enable relevant parameters such as rinsing times, pressure or temperature to be set as required.



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