Washable containment protects operator and machine

Containment is a threefold challenge when it comes to highly potent pharmaceuticals: You must ensure the highest product quality and reliably protect your operators and systems from contamination during product changeovers. At Achema, we are therefore introducing the new GKF 720, a fast high-precision capsule filling system for small batches. It allows for a fully automated, washable containment process. “The system has been specially tailored to the demands of manufacturers of highly potent solid pharmaceuticals,” says Benedict Kleine-Koenig, product manager at Bosch Packaging Technology. “The OEB5 containment ensures the highest protection for the operator, machine and product”.


Minimal water consumption and fast product changeover

The OEB5 containment of the new Bosch capsule filling machine GKF 720 ensures the highest protection for the operator, machine and product.

The main attraction of the new GKF 720 is that it cleans with very little water. You don’t need a separate water connection. First, the components that come into contact with the product are automatically pre-cleaned from above with 200 milliliters of water, binding the highly potent residual dust. In the second stage, the processing area is manually flushed with ten liters of water maximum, quickly and completely ridding it of any product residue. The specially designed elevated tabletop and the new dosing stations make sure that no water penetrates the machine room during cleaning.


Another advantage of the system is its integrated 100% weight control especially for pellets and micro-dosed powders. The dosed amounts can be precisely adjusted via in-process control. In addition, the modular design of the GKF 720 allows fast and flexible product changeover. The changeover is so simple and failsafe that even an inexperienced operator can do it in less than five minutes.



Do you have any questions about the GKF 720? Then meet our experts at Achema in Frankfurt from June 11 to 15 in hall 3.1, booth C71.


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Andreas Nüßle
Group Lead Area Sales
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