A true allrounder

They are highly potent and extremely delicate: drugs like vaccines or oncological medications, for instance, are temperature-sensitive and must therefore be preserved in a special way. At the same time, the sensitive products are to be produced fast and in high quality. At Achema, we will present our latest freeze dryer that allows you to achieve this fine balance between product quality and stability.


An optimum use of space

The freeze dryer proves to be a true allrounder thanks to its sophisticated modular concept: The machine flexibly adapts to your working environment, making optimum use of the available space. Moreover, the new machine is designed so that customers can use different container sizes and formats. Due to our patented Double Shelf Interdistance technology, you can switch between single or double shelf spacing. Another advantage of the system is the homogenous temperature distribution in the shelves, which means that all your containers are reliably exposed to the same temperature. You benefit from consistently high product quality.


The newly developed freeze dryer by Bosch can be used to stabilize thermolabile and delicate active ingredients, like oncological medications, vaccines or antibodies.


When it comes to energy efficiency, you have another ace up your sleeve: “The freeze dryer’s design makes for energy-efficient and short cycle times together with reliable product quality in large batches,” explains Annabel Madero, product manager at Bosch subsidiary Schoeller-Bleckmann Medizintechnik (SBM). SBM used laser welding technology to produce especially light product shelves with thinner sheets. They reduce the amount of material that you need to cool and heat, leading to more energy-efficient operations. The GMP-compliant freeze dryer is suitable for the production of small batches for clinical trials as well as for medium and large production batches.


Have we sparked your interest? Then meet our experts from June, 11 to 15, at Achema in Frankfurt in hall 3.1, booth C71.


*Picture on top: Fast cleaning: the slight tilt enables water droplets to quickly drain from the surface, shortening the cleaning and drying time.

Annabel Madero
Product manager
+43 2630 312 211

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