Technical audit for improved equipment efficiency

Small cause, big effect. This often applies to seemingly minor technical malfunctions or insufficient organization in your production operations lowering the performance of your equipment.

The technical audit from Bosch helps you identify and resolve technical or organizational inefficiencies. In many cases, customers already have assumptions why the potential of their equipment is not fully utilized.

Using special software for data logging, assumptions are replaced by facts. As a result, the technical audit is exclusively based on measurable facts. Of course, the customer’s expectations and targets are of paramount importance. During the planning phase, we are at your site for about one to two days to understand your manufacturing process and methods and to define the schedule of the audit.

For the implementation of the audit, an interdisciplinary team is selected. The team’s job is to record and categorize machine stoppages in order to find common root cause problems. Based on these findings, you will receive a quotation with coordinated measures for improvement and a comparison of cost and expected use.

For the implementation, the action plan is transferred into a project plan. The defined measures such as upgrades or operator training will then be implemented accordingly.

About one year after completion of the project, a review takes place on site to check the successful implementation of the measures in accordance with the metrics you defined at the beginning of the audit.


Detailed information on the technical audit can be found under this link.


Would you like to increase the efficiency of your equipment? Please do not hesitate to contact us.


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Product Manager
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