Learning in a virtual environment

Virtual Reality (VR) has been influencing the packaging market for years. Besides the standard face-to-face training on the machine and web-based trainings, the Bosch Packaging Academy offers off-site Virtual Reality (VR) trainings for operators. The initial results speak for themselves: machine performance remains unaffected by VR training courses as the production process does not need to be interrupted.



Participants can carry out important maintenance steps in the virtual environment and become familiar with maintenance without taking any risks during running production. Operators enjoy learning using VR, because it is intuitive and enables workers to successfully complete tasks they may have little experience in. The training sessions can be recorded and viewed multiple times. The additional help function can display each operational step to guide through the entire process. Training staff on how to improve accessibility to critical machine parts and boost changeover times helps prevent machine downtime and supports a higher Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).


One of the key issues facing global food and pharma producers is the fact that their production sites are scattered across the world – often located in remote locations. Sending trained specialists to a facility is costly and time-consuming. To grant customers easy access to new training tools, Bosch is working on a virtual platform for customers to access the entire training portfolio by end of this year. Participating is easy: it simply requires the necessary software and hardware, VR glasses and controllers.



In addition, the Bosch Packaging Academy will also offer customized courses that are produced on demand for specific systems or machines. Please contact us or your local sales contact for more information.



Roland Hasse
Head of Packaging Academy at Bosch
+41 58 674-8404

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