Starchless depositing of pure gelatin gummies

Confectionery producers all over the world talk about starchless depositing as the new trend in manufacturing processing right now. With starchless depositing, gelatin products can now be deposited using silicone moulds instead of the conventional starch depositing process, which required trays, starch and stamps.


As a first step, the silicone moulds are moistened using a release agent in the enhanced Silicone Rubber Mould (SRM) plant. Then the jelly mass is deposited into the moulds. Next, the filled moulds enter into the SRM’s integrated cooling tower. At no point throughout the process do the moulds need to be taken out of the plant. The products can be demoulded after a cooling time of 20 minutes only. The empty moulds are returned to the depositing station and are filled once again – up to 30 moulds per minute.


Bosch is the first and only producer to date whose equipment can use commercial gelatin to produce the jelly mass. For this purpose, the depositing head design was optimized, allowing for the depositing of jelly masses with a high dry matter content. Manufacturers can now use commercial, high-bloom gelatin in production, without tailing. The jelly mass hardens within 20 minutes in the plant itself. Consequently, the products no longer have to be stored in a drying room, which is a huge advantage for manufacturers. By eliminating the drying room from the production site, manufacturers reduce energy costs and minimize production time. This also means that the production line takes up less floor space in the production facility.


SRM Starchless Depositing Plant


Starchless depositing technology replaces tens of thousands of starch trays with a few hundred, reusable silicone moulds and the new production method does away with powder treatment, so confectionery producers can cut back on energy and personnel expenses.


In general, the new production method was designed for manufacturers of high-quality products with defined shapes in high quantities such as nutraceuticals and OTC products.


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Product manager
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