I(njection solutions) 4.0

At this year’s Achema, our new processing system SVP250 LF will celebrate its premiere. Dr. John Medina, sales director at the Bosch subsidiary Pharmatec, explains what visitors to the booth can expect.


Mr. Medina, what is special about the new SVP250 LF?
The SVP250 LF is a processing system for the production of injection solutions. More precisely, for Small Volume Parenterals (SVP). It is designed for small batches of 15 to 250 liters. During the development, our focus was on offering our customers the highest possible flexibility. Therefore, the system has a modular design: the modules can be complemented or exchanged according to product and process requirements. The basic version is equipped with a preparation and a storage vessel each. However, it can be expanded to up to four process vessels in different sizes.


The production of injection solutions is very cost-intensive. How did you deal with this challenge when developing the SVP?
Active ingredients is what makes injection solutions so expensive. Hence it is very important to reduce product loss to a minimum. To do so, we redesigned the feeding, emptying and transfer process. For instance, the vessels are laid out for minimum product loss while processing even the smallest batch sizes.

Moreover, product and operator protection are crucial. The SVP250 LF features a module for two-stage sterile filtration for aseptic preparation, which is situated between the preparation and the storage vessel. It is also equipped with an optional laminar flow hood, which generates a low-turbulence air flow to prevent particles from entering the filling area. For applications involving highly potent APIs, a high containment valve will be used for the highest operator protection. An integrated cleanroom wall completely separates the process vessels from the system’s technical area. As a result, the cleanroom area is compact and easily accessible.


Industry 4.0 is becoming more and more important in the pharma industry. How is the SVP250 LF equipped for this trend?
At Achema, we will show an exemplary connection of the SVP processing system and an ALF 5000 filling and closing machine. The liquid product is directly transported from the storage tank to the filling machine. To ensure seamless transportation, the machines continuously exchange information, which are visualized for the operators. This way, machine condition and process parameters can be easily monitored. The result: a transparent production process for optimum production planning and maximum capacity utilization.



Meet us at Achema in Frankfurt, Germany, from June 11 to 15 in hall 3.1, booth C71!


John Medina
Sales director Pharmatec
+49 351 28278 689

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