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Blow, fill, seal – this is the triad for an innovative approach in aseptic liquid processing. As the name suggests, containers are formed from PE plastic, filled and then sealed, resulting in virtually unbreakable and easy-to-transport single doses. Not surprisingly, BFS packaging is booming: according to current forecasts, the global market is expected to amount to 326 million dollars by 2023. The containers are used for sterile filling of liquid and viscous medicine, such as eye drops or inhalation solutions.

Looking for a complete solution

The higher the demand, the more capacities producers need to have. This also applied to a company that manufactures 1.7 billion BFS ampoules in different sizes annually. The manufacturer was looking for a complete solution to expand its production capacities. Bosch was the right partner to tackle this task: “BFS ampoules are the ideal containers for single doses of liquid medicine. We have already developed a range of very successful packaging systems for contract manufacturers of eye drops or inhalation solutions,” says Joerg Kleiner, Sales Manager Pharmaceutical & Medical Applications at Bosch Packaging Technology in Beringen, Switzerland.



Bosch completely automated an existing BFS packaging line for its client. The approach helps to
increase total performance and minimize error sources, since it eliminates manual process steps. Thanks to the modernization, single ampoule cards are now transported to a Sigpack LDF Feedplacer. Here, two delta robots ensure the cards reach the infeed of a Sigpack HCL flow wrapping machine in a safe and fully automated way. The flow wrapper packages the BFS products in hermetic packages. Finally, a Sigpack TTMP Topload cartoner reliably packages the bags in boxes. Depending on product and size, the cartoner processes up to 200 boxes per minute.


Jörg Kleiner
General Manager Sales
+41 58 674 6913


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