Formulation development: help customers help themselves

In Bosch’s competence center in Schopfheim, Germany, Dr. Marcus Knöll has been supporting customer in all development and production stages of solid pharmaceuticals for 12 years. His recipe for success: helping customers help themselves, while always keeping up with market requirements and customer demands. The latter are currently facing especially high cost pressure and the need for fast time-to-market.

1,000 experiments per year

“Despite all the pressure it is essential that an efficient manufacturing process goes hand in hand with high and reproducible product quality,” says Knöll, who holds a PhD in pharmacy. “What you need is a lot of experience and know-how, which is exactly what we can offer our customers.” The numbers are impressive: every year, Knöll and his team conduct roughly 1,000 experiments with substances of various indications. “Of course, some of the tests are a dead end. But mistakes that have been made, don’t have to be repeated.” That helped to develop products like Tamsolusin or Venlafaxin rapidly and at affordable prices.

Apart from the own expertise, a global network, contacts to academic institutions, as well as the experience of partners are keys to success. From formulation and analytical development, to stability tests and bioequivalence studies – everything can be done in Schopfheim. Recently, the last step of preparing the necessary dossiers has been added to the service portfolio.

Looking ahead

A particular focus is on scale-up. “Many customers struggle with this topic,” says Knöll – and is convinced that “what is developed in Schopfheim will also run on the respective production scale machines all over the world.” Besides seminars covering topics such as granulation and coating, Bosch also offers Industry 4.0 services. “Our Pharma Service never stands still.” Knöll summarizes. “We are constantly looking ahead to offer our customers true added value.”

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Dr. Markus Knöll
Head of PharmaService Solid
+49 7622 6884121


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