Hüttlin educates: from powder to tablet to the latest containment solutions

Continuing the success story of Pharma Service Seminars at the Bosch subsidiary Hüttlin there was organized one more seminar dealing with the topic: “Granulation: From powder to tablet to the latest containment solutions”.


From November 27 to 29, this Hands-On Seminar gave the whole insight how to turn your powder into granules, how to put it into capsules or how to compress it into tablets and how to transform your production into continuous pharma processing.

Take the opportunity to improve your processes and attend the next seminar in 2019! In small groups under supervision of our laboratory crew you can find better solutions for the upcoming challenges in your laboratory.



Feedback from the participants:

“Topics and contents of the seminar were very useful.”

“A lot of scientific background in lectures which was helpful to solve a wide range of problems. Along with examples of using this background.”

“Granulation by bottom spray is very efficient and a good technology in process development.”

“High level of organization, kindness and openness of all lecturers and great and committed staff.”

“I really liked the practical sessions. It was a great opportunity to try what we have learned from the theoretical sessions and to better understand the processes.”


The Pharma Service Seminars will be continued in 2019. We will shortly inform you about upcoming events.


Monika Föhner
+49 (7622) 6884-128



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